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Case Results

Dismissal of First Degree Murder Charges. State v. Luna, 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

Mr. Docobo recently won a reversal of a large scale federal fraud conviction in United States v. Pavlenko, 838 F.3d 1168 (11th Cir. 2016). This major federal decision is an important case for the business community as the decision recognizes that deceiving does not always involve harming another person; whereas defrauding does.

A pre-trial dismissal was obtained in a major fraud case in the Northern District of Georgia (United States v. Alabed)

State v. Knox - An officer’s basis for a search warrant was shown to be false and misleading which led to an agreement that a search of the defendant’s home was unlawful and the evidence found in the home must be suppressed as evidence. Under those circumstances, the State of Florida was compelled to drop the case.

Mr. Docobo also recently attained a dismissal on a multi-million dollar internet-related fraud case in a United States District Court in Atlanta, GA.

State v. Noel - Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida. Pretrial investigation and depositions led to the conclusion that a likelihood existed that the defendant was actually innocent and, therefore, charges were dropped.

State v. Idris - Dismissal of all charges on a major RICO sales tax fraud.