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Richard is one of the best attorneys in this country. His knowledge of the law is extensive and allows him to navigate thru and make sure you get the best outcome for your matter. He did a great job on my case and made me feel safe thru the whole process and did everything he could to make sure everything came with the best outcome possible and lowest sentence. He also has great contacts with personal investigators and other attorneys. I highly recommend Richard Docobo for any of your criminal justice needs.

Best Criminal defense in the country


Richard Docobo handled a criminal case for me and was very effective in the manner it which he handled it I would recommend him to any one looking for a lawyer who will represent his clients in the best possible manner.

Five star


Richard Docobo as well as his wife and everyone that works with him at the office try their hardest and go all the way they can to help honestly this is a great lawyer I definitely recommend I was facing time and he went completely out of line as him and everyone who works with him tried to get me to not even face anytime they really put time and effort in there cases this lawyer helped me a lot not only in getting me the best time but he was there the whole way! No matter what you’re facing if there's a way he'll find a way called a lawyer who loves what he does it’s his life and there's nothing better than hiring a lawyer who lives for that.

The Best Lawyer in Miami


I worked with Mr. Docobo on a Federal/Immigration matter. His office represented the wife in Federal Court and my office represented the husband in Immigration Court in a different city. All matters were handled timely and to the satisfaction of the clients. I would be happy to recommend clients to him.

Attorney Opinion


Richard Docobo is a wonderful attorney. Before I even go into my review lets get it out of the way, he won me the best possible outcome for what we were seeking. For that, I am truly grateful. What separates Richard from the rest can be summarized into two points. First, from the beginning he knew I was stressed and was constantly reassuring me that all would be OK... he would get me the outcome deserved. This was very much appreciated. Second, his knowledge and confidence are undeniable. He knows his trade, and that comes out in the way he carries himself and in the way others interact with him in the court. I 100% recommend Richard Docobo.

Joshua M.

Mr. Docobo is a very good lawyer you can always count on. He will assure you of the outcome and be there every step of the way. He knows his stuff. If you hired this man you will never disappointed. After your case gets dismissed, he will call you to check on you to how you are holding on with everything. I'm forever grateful to you.


He goes above and beyond to research your case and related cases to find the best possible outcome for your case. If it looks impossible or improbable to other attorneys, Mr. Docobo can find a way. He will be honest with what he can deliver but he'll over-deliver bringing you an outcome that other attorneys may have deemed "impossible"


Mr. Docobo is extremely knowledgeable in the legal system and knows all the tricks to keep you out of trouble. I highly recommend using his services as he is easy to talk to and gives you the facts straight up. Great lawyer!


Determined, aggressive, and a straight shooter, Richard focuses on the goal of your case and lets nothing get in the way of fighting for a positive outcome. He provides clients with his personal cell phone number, I had constant contact with Mr. Docobo throughout the entire process of my case. He responds promptly to questions via text. A true legit lawyer in Miami.


If you are looking for a smart, dependable with expertise look no further Mr. Docobo is experienced & knowledgeable he has done an awesome job as my attorney. He is professional, reliable, and affordable who will get the job done!


I was falsely accused of battery in a Domestic Violence case, despite having (2) restraining orders my stalker continued to harass me and make false accusations. Richard Docobo immediately was able to contact the State Attorney's office as well as the prosecutor to prove that I was actually a victim and not the aggressor. He knows his way through the Judicial System and has been a blessing to work with. Highly Recommended.


I am a military member that was charged with four counts of battery during a traffic accident and I was extremely concerned that this case would affect my outstanding military career. Mr. Docobo took my case without hesitation, and he assured me that WE had a very strong. His thorough explanation of civilian law and his genuine concern to answer all of my questions made me feel like I was his most important client. Additionally, I moved out of state and was worried that it would cost me a fortune to return to Miami for trial.

Mr. Docobo not only asked if I needed a ride from the airport but made sure that I had a place to stay if I needed it. At the courthouse on the day of my trial, I realized that I had the right lawyer when people went out of their way to say hello to Mr. Docobo as if he was a celebrity. It was a definite sign to me that good things were going to happen that day, and in fact they did, I won my case. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Docobo and how I was treated as a client. If you need an experienced lawyer that makes you feel like you are part of a winning team, look no further.

Best Lawyer in Miami!!!


I had the pleasure of working with Rick when I was a young ATF Agent in Miami. If you didn’t bring your best, he would eat you alive on the stand. As a result, you became a better Agent. I found him to be honest and fair. He was always a bulldog for his clients. I enjoyed working with him.

Carlos C.

Mr. Docobo is very punctual, confident in his abilities, and does just what he says he will do. Saved my life honestly! If you haven't already you should definitely hire him or refer him to everyone in need of a phenomenal lawyer!!!

Professionalism at its finest


I was just 11 months out of prison when I caught two new charges — totaling a number of six felonies and two misdemeanors. As a habitual offender, they were enhancing all my charges and I was facing 60 years in prison. Earlier today, my last three cases got closed out. Very happy to say that I'm writing this review in the comfort of my own home instead of a jail cell with no probation. The only jail time I ever had to do was when I initially got arrested and bonding out.

Plain and simple, Richard managed to do this at a point when I thought I was just destined to go right back to prison. Richard is a MAGICIAN LAWYER! He’s a real stand up guy and highly recommended because he really knows what he's doing. This is coming from a real ex-convict who thought his life was over at 29 yrs old. He’s the only one I would ever call I ever have any type of problem with the law.

Feeling Like Part of a Winning Team


Richard helped my dad come out of a tough situation. From the moment we met him we felt more comfortable. He makes you feel at ease, explains the process thoroughly, and details all possible outcomes. My family and I cannot be more grateful to him! No questions asked. Hire him! You will not be disappointed!

Richard Gets the Job Done!


Can’t say enough good things about Richard, apart from being a great guy he's an incredible attorney, he's been our go-to attorney for our entire family for years. He's been practicing law for a long time so not only does he know what he's talking about but he's built a great reputation with fellow attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. When you walk into that courtroom with Richard people take you seriously, and the judges and state attorneys won’t fail to constantly mention how great of an attorney you have by your side. If you’re looking for outstanding representation by an esteemed attorney, I would definitely recommend Richard.


Richard is the best of the best. I hired him to take care of 3 felony charges. He brought two felony charges down to a misdemeanor and dismissed the third felony charge. If you need a piranha fighting for you in court, Richard is the attorney you need to hire. He's very experienced and highly esteemed by the judges and prosecutors.


I was caught in that warehouse reverse sting operation. I went through 4 different paid lawyers until I found Richard. He got me off with probation. By far the best lawyer in Miami... Worth every penny!!!



I have to say Mr. Docobo and his legal team worked effectively in my defense in both Federal and State cases. He's very passionate about his practice which is why I decided to go with him. He fought to keep my freedom and I was very pleased with the outcome in both my cases. I even gave him the nickname bulldog because he's a fighter in the courtroom. He's now a good friend of the family. I would definitely refer him to anyone in search of legal representation.

Pitbull of Lawyers


Mr. Richard saved my ass from a 4-year prison sentence. Being charged with conspiracy to commit a crime an unlawful compensation. He's aggressive, diligent, and precise in his work. Mr. Docobo is the definition of a defense lawyer, aiming for the best possible outcome. Mr. Docobo had both of my charges dropped on the day of trial and it doesn't get any better than that. Mr. Docobo has a wonderful personality, communicates well, and has a sense of humor. Which is much needed when you're fighting for your freedom. I would recommend Mr. Docobo to any individual who is facing heavy criminal or civil charges and any minor criminal or civil charges.

Very Tactical & Aggressive — He aims for an acquittal, not a plea deal.


Richard Docobo has gotten me out of many tight spots without a scratch. He just closed my last case where I had 14 felonies dropped to just three, which he got dropped as well. And then they tried to add a new charge but he dismantled it on the spot and I'm free now. He said "No pleas we're going all the way and where gonna win" and he meant it. I've been a client for 10 years and have yet to be disappointed. I doubt your charges can surprise this guy. He is not a cheap lawyer but when you pay for quality and expertise you will get it...Not to mention an acquittal!

Richard Loves What He Does!


I was facing up to a minimum of 15 to 30 years in prison due to the kind of case that I was dealing with. I've Check out several lawyers and none of them felt comfortable taking the case and were expensive with prices. When I hired Mr. Docobo from the very beginning he was upfront and told me every detail about the case. He also told me his feeling about it and what may happen. Mr. Docobo felt very confident that he could beat the case and with his knowledge of the law I did not receive any prison time.

Mr. Docobo’s conduct was very professional in court and with his client. He is one of the best lawyers that I've encountered and is reasonable with price. He and his office staff are always willing to work with you. I would recommend him to anyone that I know that has any legal issues because I know he can get the job done and go above and beyond!

Daniel M.